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Money Alchemy

Jul 30, 2019

There are so many teachers here on our planet, and this week, I'd like to tell you a little bit about one of mine. You might be a little surprised when you hear who it is!

Jul 23, 2019

This week, in response to a listener question, I'll walk you through a few practices for dealing with external negativity. Do you have a question you'd like me to answer on the podcast? Get in touch with me! I would love to hear from you.

Jul 16, 2019

Your thoughts don't just have an effect on you — they also have an effect on the people around you. This week, let's ramp up our awareness and practice noticing our thoughts.

Jul 9, 2019

When contrast comes into our lives, that's an opportunity to deal with the unknown. And I don't know about you, but the unknown is one of my favorite things to play with. Let's talk about how to let in the unknown, and how to live in the unknown.

Jul 2, 2019

How do we live in the vibration of abundance, and what does that feel like? Let's talk about that, and go over some prosperity affirmations for you to use in the coming week.