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Money Alchemy

Dec 21, 2021

Let's continue our conversation about the mind-bending Doubling Time Theory. This is a time of year when a lot of us look towards the future, which means it's a powerful time to engage with this theory.

Thank you so much for joining me in 2021, and I look forward to what 2022 will bring for all of us!

Dec 7, 2021

Happy December! As we come to the end of 2021, I want to talk to you about the Doubling Time Theory. This theory was introduced by a French physicist named Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet, and I'm determined to understand it, talk about it, and practice it! Tune in and let's talk about our doubles.

Nov 23, 2021

In honor of Thanksgiving here in the US, let's talk about gratitude this week. I'll start us off by sharing some of the things I'm grateful for this year. No matter where in the world you are when you tune into this show, I hope you'll do the same.

Nov 9, 2021

Wow, November is already here! That means a special day is coming up: 11/11. For the past few years, that's a day I like to really call in the angels, the fairies, the guides, and the spirit team to focus on intentions. This year, I'm inviting you to do the same!

Oct 26, 2021

There are 3 sides to the manifesting triangle: what you visualize, your desire for it, and your belief. Let's dig into that a little bit — and examine the why behind the desire.